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An introduction to machine control.

In basic terms Machine Control involves the integration of survey positioning equipment onto earthmoving machines.

3D systems 

For 3D systems GPS receivers or a prism are mounted on the machine which in conjunction with a base station or Total Station accurately tell the system its position.

The 3D model is loaded onto the Machine Control system so the machine knows where it needs to be to achieve the required design. The system combines these two sets of data so the operator can remove the difference.


2D grade control 

A 2D laser system uses a grade laser to guide the machine

Two laser detectors mounted on the blade pick up the laser and adjust the blade automatically.

This system is perfect for simpler levelling or grading work such as sports pitches, large foundation pads, etc…

Typical accuracy ±5mm

No complex 3D model required just simple grade information.

Total station 

The LPS, TPS, UTS (Local Positioning System) works exactly the same as the 3D GPS System but uses a robotic total station to control the machine rather than GPS.

This improves the accuracy to ± 5mm but the working range from the machine to the Total Station reduces to 150 metres. This system is ideal for finer trimming work, paving or smaller projects.

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